Bulk Book Orders

We are happy to make it easy for you to share this valuable resource and teaching aid with puppy owners! We offer discounts on both the paperback and e-book in bulk.

Paperback Bulk Orders (minimum order 10)

Our paperback retails for $29.95. We are excited to offer a 30% discount on our full-color paperbacks for orders of 10 or more books sent to one address. After the discount, copies cost $20.97.

How to order 10 or more paperbacks:

Ordering 10 or more paperback books is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Complete the form at the bottom of this page. Specify you are ordering paperback copies of the book and let us know how many copies you’d like to purchase (minimum order for the discount is 10 copies). Be sure to provide the address where you want the copies mailed.
  2. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the cost of the books ($20.97 each) plus shipping.
  3. Once payment is received, your books will be ordered and sent directly to the address provided. Large orders may require additional time to fulfill. We appreciate your patience for these circumstances beyond our control.

E-Book Bulk Orders (minimum order 5)

Yes! E-books can be bulk ordered! We offer discounts as indicated below.

Number of E-Books Purchased

5-9 copies

10-25 copies

26-50 copies

51-75 copies

76+ copies


10% discount ($8.99 a copy)

15% discount ($8.49 a copy)

20% discount ($7.99 a copy)

25% discount ($7.49 a copy)

30% discount ($6.99 a copy)

How to order bulk e-books:

When you order bulk e-books, you will receive a special code to give to each recipient. You can dress them up on a gift card—we provide a template or you can make your own. Here’s how it works.

  1. Message us using the form below and let us know how many copies you’d like to purchase. Please make sure your email address is correct.
  2. We’ll send you a PayPal invoice.
  3. Once we receive payment, we’ll email you a list of one-time-use download codes, one for each e-book purchased. The codes are unique and good for one e-book each. You can distribute the download codes to your recipients using the gift templates below, or you can create your own. Just make sure to include the GetMyBook.com address and the individual e-book code for that recipient. Your gift codes are good for 18 months. Once used, the codes will no longer work. You
  4. Your recipient will go to GetMyBook.com and enter their unique code. Once they enter their code, they will be able to download the e-book in the format of their choice! The formats are MOBI (Kindle app & device compatible), ePub (Apple Books compatible), and PDF.

This gift card template is provided for your convenience. Click on the link below the image to download in Word, or you can create your own!

template 1 – 4 to a standard page, works well with Avery postcards, #8387

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