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Marge and Eileen have teamed up to share their skills and expertise with you in the Puppy Socialization Project.

Marge Rogers, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CCUI, Certified Fear Free Professional

Marge Rogers is a certified professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant. She has thousands of hours teaching owners, dogs, and other canine professionals.   

One of the things you will notice right away about Marge is her enthusiasm for sharing information about training and behavior. Marge changed her life and career when she learned about the science of behavior. She is warm and engaging when sharing what she learned with her clients and other canine professionals.

Dog training and behavior aren’t rocket science. They are behavioral science. Marge boils down the science into relatable, easy-to-understand information. Even her business name is educational: Rewarded Behavior Continues.  

Marge earned certifications in training and behavior consulting (canine) through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. She is also a Certified Control Unleashed®️ Instructor and a Certified Fear Free®️ Professional. She received additional training on child-dog safety and family dynamics through Family Paws Parent Education. Marge is an engaging, experienced seminar presenter and has offered continuing education workshops for veterinarians and veterinary technicians in NC. She has worked with corporations (CSX, Babies ‘R Us), communities, and schools to bust myths about dogs and dog training.

Eileen Anderson, MM, MS

Eileen Anderson writes about her life with multiple dogs with a focus on describing positive reinforcement-based training to pet owners and beginner trainers. Her well-known Eileenanddogs blog has been featured on Freshly Pressed by WordPress.com and won the award, “The Academy Applauds” in 2014 from The Academy of Dog Trainers. She published a book on canine cognitive dysfunction in 2016 that won a Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America.

She has written for Clean Run, Whole Dog Journal, the IAABC Journal, and BARKS from the Guild. Her articles, training videos, and photos of dog body language have been incorporated into curricula worldwide. She holds an eight-week, biannual writing mentorship through the IAABC. She also works as a freelance editor and mentor for writers.

Eileen has worked professionally as a writer and academic editor, an orchestral musician, a network administrator, a remedial college math instructor, a bookkeeper, a social work caseworker, and a trainer of computer skills in academic and workplace settings. She has co-written successful grant applications totaling $5 million. She has a long-standing interest in making technology accessible to women, people with limited literacy skills, and other under-served populations. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in music performance and a master’s degree in engineering science.

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