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You’ve arrived at the video resources for your paperback book! These videos will enrich your learning experience and supplement the 60+ photographs and what you are reading in the book. They are not “stand-alone” training videos. They complement and enhance the content of the written text and the photographs in the book. For the best experience, we recommend viewing the videos in the order they appear in the book, as you read that section.

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And to the people who may have happened onto this page but don’t have the book: it’ll make a lot more sense if you get the book.

Chapter 1: Things to Know Before You Get Started

Video 1.1 Four 3-week-old puppies tumble around

Video 1.2 The Portuguese water dog puppies explore and play

Chapter 2: Pairing and Priorities

Video 2.1 Wilhe gets yummy food as people pass by

Video 2.2 Phoebe plays with her owner near a playground

Video 2.3 Young Maverick plays with a toy in a new place

Chapter 4: Understanding Dog Body Language

Video 4.1 Relaxed Cede leans into a hand for petting

Video 4.2 Bria’s panting is relaxed

Video 4.3 This dog’s tail is relaxed and swishing

Video 4.4 Summer is enjoying being petted—she is relaxed but with a closed mouth

Video 4.5 This dog’s panting shows stress

Video 4.6 Zani is moving very slowly and showing other signs of stress

Video 4.7 Clara yawns from stress at the vet’s office

Video 4.8 This dog is showing behaviors associated with hypervigilance

Video 4.9 This scared puppy backs away and leaves tasty food

Video 4.10 This dog is pacing

Video 4.11 This puppy repeatedly approaches, then leaves food toys

Video 4.12 Marge demonstrates picking up a puppy

Video 4.13 This puppy shows many signs that she doesn’t want a belly rub

Video 4.14 Take the quiz

Chapter 5: Socialization! Starting at Home

Video 5.1 Zip has fun interacting with new items

Video 5.2 Zip has a chewy on the wobble board

Video 5.3 The border terrier pup interacts with things that move and provide new sensations

Video 5.4 Two puppies have very different responses to novelty

Video 5.5 Eileen’s dogs flock happily toward the vacuum

Video 5.6 A child clicks and reinforces the family’s puppy, putting the food on the floor

Video 5.7 Children reinforce their puppy for polite behaviors

Video 5.8 Apple plays a child-safe game of fetch

Video 5.9 Marge’s dogs and young Liliana build positive associations with each other

Video 5.10 Zip experiences the grooming dryer at home

Video 5.11 Zip gets introduced to handling for eye drops

Video 5.12 Puppy Taylor progresses from fear to acceptance and enjoyment of nail trims

Video 5.13 Marge uses food to give Zip something to do while being brushed

Video 5.14 Teenage Zip and tiny Tinker have positive, controlled interactions with each other

Video 5.15 Zip plays appropriately with a younger puppy

Chapter 6: Socialization Away from Home

Video 6.1 A puppy enjoys a food toy in the car

Video 6.2 Puppies play in new places

Video 6.3 Phoebe views active children from a comfortable distance

Video 6.4 A mastiff puppy plays games with a bench

Video 6.5 A puppy plays and walks calmly around distractions with his owner at a mall

Video 6.6 Phoebe plays with her owner near a lot of different activity

Video 6.7 Clara walks on gravel, grass, and near water

Video 6.8 Feral Clara views construction work from a safe distance

Video 6.9 Clara sees a person in a parking lot and hears her car start

Video 6.10 Cede experiences the outside and inside of a tractor supply store

Video 6.11 Mason learns about shopping carts and their movement

Video 6.12 A puppy learns that she doesn’t need to be scared of this piece of playground equipment

Video 6.13 Cede meets an Easter decoration

Video 6.14 Clara is confident around some huge, noisy Halloween decorations

Video 6.15 Zip can easily work near the sound of the wood chipper

Video 6.16 Tinker happily plays while there is yard equipment noise in the background

Video 6.17 Irving stays in the presence of a persistent garbage truck with help from Marge

Video 6.18 Zip engages in friendly play with Cocoa

Video 6.19 Young Zip licks yummy peanut butter in an early grooming session

Video 6.20 This puppy becomes upset while he is a little too close to noisy children

Video 6.21 Puppy Cocoa shows some subtle signs of unease

Video 6.22 Cocoa happily plays when farther away from the cars

Video 6.23 How to effectively move a puppy away from something he’s attracted to

Video 6.24 Cocoa succeeds in an intense environment with high value food

Video 6.25 How to protect your dog from overly. friendly people

Video 6.26 Cocoa progressed well with practices and dedication from her owners

Video 6.26 This is what a well-run puppy class can look like

Chapter 7: Fear and Special Challenges

Video 7.1 Star’s wonderful progress

Video 7.2 Luna has fun practicing tug with clear rules in a new environment

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