Technical Questions

Where can I purchase your book?

Puppy Socialization: What It Is and How to Do It is available for sale from a variety of vendors. The paperback is available from Amazon, Dogwise, and Clean Run. The e-book is available from Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and more. Check here to download from your favorite ebook seller, or buy it directly from us. If you buy it from us, you get access to all three major formats, including a PDF.

Do I need a Kindle device if I buy the e-book from Amazon?

No, you do not need a Kindle device. You have options!

  1. You can download a free Kindle application for your tablet or phone, even on Apple devices!
  2. You can read the book in a web browser. Go to and log in with your Amazon credentials. If you purchased your book from Amazon, your book will be there.

Is there anything else I need to know about the Kindle versions?

We’ve tested every Kindle device and app we can get our hands on and want you to know how to get around two Amazon bugs we have discovered.

First, if you read in the Kindle Cloud Reader in a browser (, you need to click on the very top of the video thumbnail to access the video. See the appropriate area indicated in the photo below (there are no live links in the image). You should see your cursor change to indicate the link. Alternatively, click on the caption before the thumbnail. Both methods will take you to the indicated video. There is a bug in the Cloud Reader that prevents a large area of the thumbnail from being a live link. This problem exists only in Kindle Cloud Reader, not in any other Kindle apps or devices or other types of ebooks.

Second, the Kindle Reader for Mac (desktop version) currently crashes soon after opening for many users running Mac OS 11, Big Sur. It’s a known problem and not just for our book. Mac users can, instead, use a Kindle app on a phone, tablet, or iPad, or use the Kindle Cloud Reader.

If I buy the paperback, how do I access the videos?

When you get the book, you will find web addresses that lead you to the video page and another resources page. The videos are numbered and presented on the web page in the same order that you will encounter them in the book. We suggest that you keep a browser window so you can watch the videos in sequence as you read the book.

What if I don’t want to buy from Amazon?

We are in the process of publishing with Ingram Spark, which supplies Barnes & Noble, libraries, and individuals. We will also investigate selling through, which provides a way to purchase online while supporting independent brick-and-mortar bookstores. Check this website for updates about availability!

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